Designs@Dogtrap offers a range of web & graphic design services.

Web Design

Designs@Dogtrap is able to manage the whole web development process for you from registering your domain name, through to completion of a live website.

Designs@Dogtrap produces easy to manage, aesthetically pleasing websites to meet our clients’ needs and best promote them in the market place.

We can provide clients with websites ranging from the most simple website, through to sites with video capabilities. Our design system allows for flexibility for upgrades and when major changes are required .

Once a website has gone live, clients have the option to self manage their website with an easy editing platform  that only requires you to have access to the internet, or alternatively we can continue to manage your site for you.

Websites by Designs@Dogtrap


Graphic Design

Graphic design services include:

Iif there is something you really want and it's not on the list, just ask me and I'll see what I can do!

Graphic Design Work by Designs@Dogtrap